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Lake Street Canna Co.

OG 18 Indica 18.45%
Sunset Runtz Indica 18.06%
Ezekiel’s Wheel Indica16.99%
East Cake Indica Hybrid 16.28%
Crossbow Indica Hybrid 16.28%
Holy Grail Indica Hybrid 12.57%

Valor Craft

Now and Later Sativa Hybrid 19.2%

Green Harvest Farms

Gorilla Glue Indica Hybrid 19.44%
ATF Alaskan Thunder Fuck Sativa Hybrid 17.69% 
Sour Dubb Hybrid 21.87%

Giving Trees

Forum Cut Cookies Hybrid 16.47%
Sundie Driver Sativa Hybrid 15.6

Lemonati Farms Prepackages

Aquarius-Mandarin Cookie Indica 30.09%
Aries-Ice Cream Cake Hybrid 24.45%

Rare Michigan Genetics

Mac Daddy Indica 21.61%
Alien Cream Cookies Hybrid 25.56%
Sirius Cookies Hybrid 28.65%
Frose OG Hybrid 29.25%
Mac Santo Hybrid 29.25%
Snozzberry Hybrid 20.67%
Floozie Hybrid 29.49%
Hoof Hybrid 27.38%
Alien Juice Hybrid 25.56%
Cake Back Hybrid 25.56%
Azhar OG Sativa Hybrid 25.38%

Farm Science

Platinum Split Indica Hybrid 29.59%
Afgoo Indica
Hybrid 22.32%
Lemon Sorbet
Hybrid 23.2%
Hybrid 23.16%
White Sour Diesel (Colin OG)
Hybrid 23.02%
Mandarin Cookies
Sativa Hybrid 24.3%

Clout King 1g Pre-rolls

Terdz Hybrid 25.26%


Oasis 1g

Purple Nerdz Hybrid 82.2%
Creamsicle Hybrid 87.4%
Bubblegum Hybrid 83.7%
Lemon Lime Hybrid 85.8%
Washington Apple Hybrid 85.3%

Stiiizy 1g

Strawberry Cough Sativa 80.1%
Pineapple Express Hybrid 79.0%
Strawnana Hybrid 80.8%
Birthday Cake Hybrid 80.0%
Biscotti Indica 82.4%
Purple Punch Indica 77.3%

Drip 1g

Blue Dream Sativa 84.22%
White Runtz Hybrid 82.71%
Super Lemon Haze Sativa 83.38%
Cherry Cookies Hybrid 86.19%
White Rino Indica 83.97%
Granddaddy Purp Indica 85.29%
Zkittlez Hybrid 82.96%
Skywalker Indica 86.10%
Do-Si-Dos Indica 88.79%
Sour Tangie Sativa 89%
White Widow Hybrid 86.54%
God’s Gift Hybrid 83.38%
Northern Lights Indica 86.86%
Platinum OG Hybrid 85.71%

Church Cannabis Co. 1g

Blue Alien Indica 85.45%
Gushers Hybrid 80.51%
Runtz Hybrid 75.88%
ZaZa Hybrid 86.55%
Watermelon Zkitlez Indica 70.23%
Pina Collision Sativa 75.94%
Hawaiian Snowcap Sativa 81.06%
Grape Soda Hybrid 81.06%
Blueberry Banana Bread Hybrid 75.71%
GMO COOKIE Hybrid 81.08%
True OG Indica 78.01%
Melonade Hybrid 74.02%

RedBud Roots 1g

San Fernando Valley Sativa 84.50%
Ultra Blue Dream
Hybrid 85.30%
Sherb Breath
Hybrid 87.30%
Snoop Dawg
Indica 85.20%
Animal Cookies Hybrid 76%
Golden Ticket Hybrid 85.80%
Mimosa Hybrid 85.10%
Champagne Kush Hybrid 82.90%
Gushers Hybrid 85.70%
J Walker Hybrid 84.90%
Kush Mints Hybrid 90.29%
Lemon Fuel Hybrid 85%
Lemon Gushers Hybrid 87.30%
MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) Hybrid 83.80%-84.2%
Wifi Cookies Hybrid 85.80%
Garlic Kush Parfait Hybrid 84.8%

Fluresh 1g

Blue Dream Sativa 75.56%
Green Crack Sativa 82.43%
Pineapple Express Sativa 76.43%
Purple Haze Sativa 82.98%
Alien OG Indica Hybrid 80.51%
Gelato Hybrid 80.35%
Sour Diesel Sativa 74.12%
Girl Scout Cookie Sativa Hybrid 76.23%

Red Arrow Farms 1g

GDP Indica 77.24%
Michigan Apple Hybrid 84.84%
Blackberry Kush Hybrid 78.41%
Durban Poison Sativa 79.06%
Golden Pineapple Sativa 77.19%

Freshy Fine 1g

Banana Lava Cake Indica Hybrid
GG-4 Ruit Indica Hybrid
Hulk Breath Indica Hybrid

Crude Boys 1g

All Gas Indica Hybrid 81.99%
Hella Jelly Sativa Hybrid 82.73%
Squirt Sativa Hybrid 84.01%
Hibiscus Hybrid 81.18%

Carts .5g

Pleasantrees Live Hash Resin Carts Disposable

Apple Fritter OG Indica Hybrid 79.67%
Banana Macaroon Indica Hybrid 80.96%

Pleasantrees Live Resin

Candy Pebbles Indica 82.05%
Lap Dance
Indica 81.80%
Grape Gas
Indica 81.51%
Pineapple Tart
Hybrid 82.61%
Hybrid 81.09%

Summit/Wheelhouse Live Resin

Huckleberry Cookies Indica 73.4%
Sativa 69.70%
Tropic Diesel
Sativa 71%

Cannalicious Live Resin

Gooberry Kush Hybrid 31.15%
Pineapple OG Live Resin Hybrid 53.6%

Element Live Resin

Citrus Slurricane Hybrid 79.53%
Grape Pie x Citrus Slurricane
Hybrid 68.10%
Maple Syrup
Hybrid 79.47%
Orange Kush Mints
Sativa Hybrid 58.52%
Banana Hammock #4
Indica 80.47%
Banana Punch Muffin
Hybrid 62.20%
Moonbow Hybrid 
Dank Dough
Sativa 74.50%

Live Resin Carts .5g


Gooberry Kush Live Resin Hybrid 31.15%
Pineapple OG Live Resin Hybrid 53.6%


Citrus Slurricane Hybrid 79.53%
Grape Pie x Citrus Slurricane Hybrid 68.10%
Maple Syrup Hybrid 79.47%
Orange Kush Mints Sativa Hybrid 58.52%

Pleasantrees Live Hash Resin

Apple Fritter OG Hybrid 79.67%
Banana Macaroon Hybrid 80.96%

Pleasantrees Live Resin

Candy Pebbles Indica 82.05%
Lap Dance
Indica 81.80%
Grape Gas
Indica 81.80%
Pineapple Tart
Hybrid 82.61%
Hybrid 81.09%


Huckleberry Cookies Indica 73.4%
Strawberry Banana
Hybrid 69.70%
Sativa 69.70%
Tropic Diesel
Sativa 71%


Monster X

Blue Raspberry 100mg
Orange 100mg

Choice Chews

Watermelon Quickie Indica 100mg
Mojo Nuggy Caramel Hybrid 100mg
Pink Lemonade Indica 50mg
Super Sour Lemon Indica 100mg
Super Sour Blue Raz Indica 100mg
Pink Lemonade Indica 100mg
Watermelon Kush Sativa 100mg
Strawberry Lemonade Sativa 100mg
Sunset Orange
Sativa 100mg
Tangerine Spark with Caffeine
Sativa 10mg
Quickie Singles Pineapple Express
Sativa 10mg
Cherry Berry PM
Indica 5mg
Pink Lemonade
Indica 5mg


Sour Blue Raz Hybrid 100mg
Tropical Tango Indica 100mg
Drink Enhancer Good Vibes 100mg BOBOFREE
Drink Enhancer Chill Out 100mg BOBOFREE

Detroit Edibles

Goodnight Honey 5:1 THC:CBN Relaxing BOGO FREE

Concentrates 1g

RedBud Roots- Live Resin

Death Rattle Hybrid 76.9%
Gorilla Glue Indica 80.03%
Zombie Cheese Hybrid 85.1%
Chem TK Sauce Hybrid 71.20%
Motor Milk Budder Hybrid 73%
Uncle Rico Budder Hybrid 72.80%
Triangle Venom Budder Hybrid 55.90%
Complex Kush Budder Hybrid 76.60%
Apple Chocolope Budder Hybrid 74.90%
Jungle Gelato Budder Hybrid 74.90%
Lilac Diesel Budder Hybrid 69.10%
Space Glue Budder Hybrid 77.30%
Motor City OG Budder Hybrid 75%


Blueberry Gelato Shatter Indica 76.9%
Duct Tape Badder Hybrid 65.20%
Sour Flower Terp Badder Sativa 59.5%
MariaJane Sugar Hybrid 62.9%
Blueberry Grail Live Resin Sauce Hybrid 70.40%
Lilac Mango Live Resin Hybrid 88.31%

Kola Farms

Alien Apple Warp Live Resin Indica 70.70%
CC Hybrid Diamonds and Sauce Live Resin Indica Hybrid 70.71%
MOB Banana Diamonds and Sauce Live Resin Hybrid 66.50%
GG#4 Sativa Live Resin Badder Sativa 63.40%
Cherry Pie Diamonds Live Resin Indica 83.44%
Superglue Solventless Budder Indica 65.90%


Kiwi Kandy Badder
Blue Dream Crumble
Flo OG Crumble


Chiesel Sativa 77.80%
Lucky Charms
Hybrid 71.4%
Indica 72.1%
Tropic Diesel
Sativa 79.5%
Indica 75%


Mary's Medicinals

Patches Sativa 20mg
Gel Pens Hybrid 200mg


RedBud Roots

Infused Lotion

Artemis Brands

Moon Tonic Cramp Ease

Mary's Medicinals

The Remedy THC 1000mg


Lion Labs Rise

CBD & THCA Tabs (non psychoactive)

Loopy Sams- Under .2% THC

Pina Colada Sunscreen & Cherry Chapstick Combo
Whipped Body Butter Soap & 2oz Back & Muscle Pain Rub Combo
Migraine Pain Relief Rub
Back & Muscle Pain Rub

Santa Cruz Medicinals- BROAD SPECTRUM

Peppermint or Strawberry Tincture 6000mg
Deep Sleep Caps 6000mg
Roll-on Pain Oil 2000mg
CBD Dog Treats 800mg

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