About Us

The Craft Cannabis Experience

Our Mission

To establish superior standards, provide safe and effective products, and offer world class client options and services. 

Our Vision

To provide a better quality of life with cannabis, now and for future generations.

The Top Tree Provisioning Difference


Patient Focused

We take the time to get to know you and understand what you’re dealing with so we can give you the right guidance.



We analyze thousands of studies, products, and industry research to provide you only the most effective products available.



Education is the key we provide the canna-curious with, so that they may make healthier choice and live a better quality of life.


Community Building

Through local events, donation drives and awareness campaigns we invest and support in causes important to our community.

Contact Us

Tim Gallton, Owner

E-Mail: info@toptreethc.com

Phone: (989) 569-3052

Hilary Gallton, General Manager

E-Mail: Hilary@toptreethc.com

Phone: (989) 569-3052